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Event Equipment

We are able to supply a variety of standard items and a wide selection of technical equipment including tables, podiums, stage units, speaker-phones, laptop computers, DVD players, projection screens, wireless microphones, pipe and drape, and portable lighting systems. We are constantly expanding our equipment repertoire based on customer demand and feedback. We’ll either have what you need or we can help you find it. This, along with on-site event personnel, will ensure a smooth event.

Standing Portable PA
System (Podium w/ Mic)

$45.00 per day

Wireless Microphone
(Handheld or Lavaliere)

$35.00 per day

Microphone w/ Cord

$14.00 per day

Microphone Floor Stand

$5.00 per day

Microphone Table Stand

$2.50 per day

Poly Cam Conference Phone
(line charges not included)

$35.00 per day

LCD Projector w/ Cart

$150.00 per day

25 in. TV Monitor with Cart/Cord & DVD

$35.00 per day

PC Laptop

$25.00 per day

Projection Screen
(70 in. x 70 in.)

$10.00 per day

Cart (for TV)

$10.00 per day

Cart (for Overhead Projector)

$10.00 per day

Laser Pointer

$10.00 per day

Flip Chart (w/ Easel and two markers)

$17.50 per day

Extension Cord (15 ft.)

$2.50 per day

Extension Cord (25 ft.)

$3.00 per day

Power Strip

$5.00 per day

White Board w/ Markers

$10.00 per day

Dance Floor (up to 24'x24')

$200.00 per day

Dance Floor (>24'x24')

$400.00 per day

Weekday Tech Services
(2 hr. minimum)

$20.00 per day

Weekend & after 5pm Tech Services (4 hr. minimum)

$22.50 per day

Security Guard

$20.00 per day

Event Spaces